Our Services

Your success is our goal!

Our core business is in the areas of training, supporting and placing people into sustainable employment.

Many of our clients are very skilled in their practical work abilities and want to gain employment, but they lack the necessary skills to effectively promote themselves to employers and agencies. There are many reasons for this such as:

  • Lack of understanding of the recruitment processes work.
  • Lack of understanding of the recruitment processes work.
  • Inadequate computer skills and knowledge of application processes
  • Badly written CV that does not provide clear and relevant information
  • No certification for the work they have actually done
  • Poor communication, articulation and interview skills
  • Insufficient knowledge of the employers needs and requirements
  • Lack of confidence and resilience

Our dedicated and passionate team are skilled in assisting people to overcome these barriers by providing training and mentoring to clients while encouraging and supporting them into sustainable employment. Key focus areas:

Ensure clients are work ready and equipped with the appropriate tools

  • Individual assessment and Coaching to build confidence and overcome barriers
  • Job Seeker Training for Resumes, Cover Letters, Cold Calls, Networking, Applications and Agency interactions
  • Interview preparation including personal presentation and body language
  • Goal planning and support as required for budgeting, health issues and more
  • Preparation for understanding IEA/CEA’s, Work Ethics, Trial/Probation periods
  • Assistance in obtaining relevant industry Certificates and Licences
  • Placement and In Work Support
Individual Assessment
  • Program sustainability, eligibility and ongoing commitment
  • Transferrable skills, strengths and weaknesses
  • Career Goals, Personal Development and Training needs
  • Open discussions, addressing potential barriers and wellness issues
  • Reality checks, review client expectations and if necessary shifting perspective
Training Guidance and Mentoring
  • Delivering and combination of Group Workshop and One on One training
  • Providing individual guidance, mentoring and coaching
  • Keeping it real with confidential, respectful and honest feedback.
  • Encouraging clients, to ask questions and seek assistance and support
  • Building confidence and helping clients to learn to adapt and overcome
  • Encouraging personal accountability (Practise! Practise! Practise!)
  • Maintain momentum and motivation, overseeing Job Search activity
  • Positive and constructive feedback (CRC – Commend Recommended Commend)
  • Finding Employment opportunities and promoting clients to these jobs
  • Assisting with relevant Industry Certifications, travel and interview attire
  • Liaising with stakeholders and assisting clients in their transition to employment
Business Services and Support
  • Providing your business with work-ready employees at Zero cost to your business
  • Assessment of candidates to select “the right fit”  for your business culture
  • Facilitating pre-employment testing, MOJ, Drug, and Alcohol Testing
  • Delivering the “right people” so they match the needs of your business
  • Transition to work support, your new employee gets the best start
  • Ongoing support, initiated by Work and Income to assist with any issues that may arise