Our Theme:  Weaving Love into our Service Delivery

Our mission statement: Pasifika is committed to our people and communities by providing a holistic approach to delivery of professional services and support that enhances clients’ potential to improve their quality of life through employment and business.

Pasifika is an independent, non-government Employment Service Provider that has worked alongside the Ministry of Social Development, Businesses and Communities for over 21 years.  With all the people that we have assisted and placed into employment during this time, it is the success stories we are proud of, one that’s built on the strength and passion of our team, our commitment to weaving love into our service delivery and the quality outcomes that we always aim to deliver.

Our vision is to make a difference in the community and overall economy by empowering people to unlock their potential to achieve their maximum level of independence and beyond …

Our Values: We operate our business based on the following values:

1.  Respect:  Non-discriminatory and culturally responsive interaction

2.  Integrity:  Commitment to honest and purpose driven communication

3.  Empowerment:  Individual assessment and support that enables personal achievement.

4.  Community Focus:  Holistic focus on people’s independence and future contribution.

5.  SustainabilityFacilitate employment opportunities that provide long-term benefit for individuals, their families and the community.

You can become an even better version of yourself no matter the age, race, or gender. As a service provider for employment, we’ve made it our mission to go to great lengths to help individuals see and unlock their own potential.

We believe that when a person is given the means and motivations to thrive, they can achieve just about anything.  Pasifika Consulting Ltd has helped both job-seeking individuals and organizations for many years. We help them connect in work environments that facilitate security and growth.

We are catalysts of transformations and new beginnings. Pasifika Consulting Ltd. works with individuals from all walks of life who are seeking employment by helping them upskill and become more suitable for the jobs they’re seeking.

We provide support to our candidates through free training and mentoring. We help candidates improve their self-esteem, motivations, and refine their current skill set to become more competitive.

Ever since we started in 2001, we have consistently worked according to our values of integrity, community, empowerment, and respect. As we work with various individuals, we focus on our goal to facilitate change. We understand that by investing in and supporting an individual, we’re changing not just their lives, but also the people in their community.

Along with the support we provide job seekers, we also work with organisations to help them find competent employees. We collaborate to ensure that we find someone who shares the same vision as they do and contribute to a healthy working environment.

Over the years, we have achieved countless successes along the way, we understand that our mission isn’t over yet.  We’ll persist in working to create a more positive impact on the community. As we journey on with the years to come, we’ll continue to uphold our principles of service leadership, cultural diversity, and innovation in excellence in everything we do.